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Hands up. Don’t shoot.

I understand this peaceful protest and absolutely support it.

However, just 13% of the population is committing 49% of the murders in the U.S. (FBI stats from 2012, and these are only the arrests made). One can understand why police officials approach certain people differently and take drastic measures in certain cases. We are not in a police state, and we are not militarizing our police force.

Also, with no true background information behind these photos, they only serve as a one-sided propaganda snapshot from a single perspective. The KKK comparison and photo juxtaposition is also extremely immature…this is not an issue of white vs. black, it’s civil obedience vs. civil unrest.

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BEBOP AND ROCKSTEADY. Some TMNT love on my dude Joel from Indiana. Stoked on how it came out. FUN stuff! mike moses


All available to tattoo


All available to tattoo

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